MOV File Recovery

MOV File Recovery : Effective Tool To Recover MOV Files

Have you lost your MOV files from your storage drive? Are you getting difficulties while opening the MOV files? Is MOV files is not showing or not playing on your system? If your answer is “Yes” then you need a quick help for MOV file recovery.

It's really headache to know that you have lost your MOV files due to uncertain reasons. However if you do so, then you need to read this post. Here you will find some really good solution for MOV file recovery and even get helpful tips to protect your data like .mov, .mp4, or .png files from losing it due to some uncertain errors. It is sad that you have accidentally lost important MOV files from your computer system, or may be you accidentally press the wrong key ( like Shift Delete ) on your system or even format the drive on which MOV files was saved without making any back-up of it, then you must need to know how MOV file recovery will be done.

What Is MOV File?

MOV files, a multimedia file format commonly use to save movies and videos files. This file format was developed by Apple Industry, but it is fully compatible with Windows OS. Means it is fully supported to Macintosh OS and Windows OS. The MOV or .mov files is also know as Apple QuickTime Movie files which is stored in OTFF (QuickTime Files Format) container files. This file format contain multiple tracks that is used for saving movies and other video files and to store different types of media files data. It contain audio, videos, timecode, text tracks that are used to store and integrate different types of media files.

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Reason Behind Loss Of MOV File

Data are really important for us either it's in MOV file format or and other files format, you can't bare the pain of that lost. Just suppose you have prepare a short videos which is really important for your meeting or you have captured the best moment of your family, which are saved in .mov files. You have saved it on your system and you want to see it again and all of the sudden you see the file is not there on the folder. You search whole system and no where it, even not in the Recycle Bin. It might possible that accidentally deleted that particular folder or files permanently from the system. Well there is a quick solution for this MOV files recovery case.

Well if the file is permanently get deleted from system then you better mov to the Automatic Recovery Guides, if the files is present on the trash bin then you need to follow steps for MOV file recovery from Recycle Bin. But before you must know what else the reason is that you have lost the MOV files form the system and you need quick MOV recovery tips for it. However, there is still a chance that you can get your lost files back and thus you need to know. But the case of data loss is same with almost every device. Sometimes, files saved on memory card may face uncertain issues which leads to corruption of MOV files. There are certain issues by that can cause corruption to MOV files.

  • Virus infection is one of the common factor which can easily corrupt MOV files.
  • Abrupt removal of memory card from any device while moving MOV files leads into serious loss.
  • Due to some software errors occur on the system where MOV files is store can result in the corruption of MOV files.
  • Accidental press the delete button on the system or devices where MOV files is saved.
  • Formating the devise without knowing the MOV files is still saved on the system.
  • Any kind of physical damage to memory card causes damage to files saved on it as well.

As you now know what reason make the MOV files deleted from the system or any devices. Therefore you now need to get back the deleted MOV files immediately. You can do MOV file recovery in two way, one by Automatic Recovery Tool and Other by following these steps. It only work when you accidentally put the MOV files to trash folder of your system. If the files is permanently deleted or corrupted then you better move to automatic recovery tips.

Tool For Win Rating For Mac
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery
EaseUS Mac Data Recovery
Wondershare Photo Recovery

MOV File Recovery From Windows Recycle Bin :

  • Go to the Recycle Bin folder.
  • Select the lost .mov or MOV files from Recycle Bin.
  • Then right click on the selected item.
  • Find and click on the “Restore” option.
  • It will restore the file again to it's location.

MOV File Recovery From Mac Trash Bin :

  • Select the Trash Folder from Source List.
  • Select MOV file or other files which you want to restore from the Trash folder.
  • Click on the “Restore” to the selected Item to bring it back.

Hope you have recovered you lost MOV files from these steps, well if you get any difficulties or issue while performing the simple step or if you can't find the delete MOV files on recycle bin folder then you better skip to the software part.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software is the top most mov file recovery tool. It facilitates or support the recovery of more than 100 multimedia file types including mov file extension. As well you can easily restore photos, music & video files lost due to any reasons like accidental deletion, corruption, as well as formatting. The quick scans technology make it more advance and bring it on the top on recovery tool list. It have the capacities to scan above 2TB of drive to bring the lost files back. Using Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software you can easily and hassle-freely get back all the deleted or corrupted photos, audios, & videos of different formats as well as the suggested tool supports recovery from all the digital camera brands and even from the other smart devices.

If you ever fall under such situation where your MOV files or .mov files is not responding or has been corrupted due to some reason mentioned above then you can simply make the use of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software to recover. There are some moment come when you accidentally lost some of important data, well in real no one want to loss the important files of any format. But under some circumstances you have lost your Mov files or it get deleted due to any reason. Then you must need to try Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery losing precious photos, videos or other kind of data is very frustrating for anyone. Well not now as because this recovery tool is available for you if you ever come in such critical situation. It is well designed by experienced professionals which make it possible and capable for CR2 recovery from the encrypted hard drives or Canon digital camera card.

Features of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery :

  • It provide recovery options from all kind of hard drives, memory card, digital cameras, flash drives and so on.
  • Able to undelete lost, inaccessible, damaged or corrupted photos and other media.
  • Formatting or corruption of storage media recovery is possible.
  • Easily recover more than 100+ multimedia file types.
  • Capable of recovering different types of file formats includes MOV file format as well.
  • Enhanced scanning engine for quickly scans hard drives.
  • Allows to store scan information and resume recovery whenever you want.
  • Supports FAT32, ExFAT, HFS+, and NTFS based systems recovery.

System Requirements For Mac

  • Processor : Intel
  • OS : macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9,10.8,10.7 & 10.6
  • Memory : 1 GB Minimum
  • Hard Disk : 100 MB of Free Space

System Requirements For Windows

  • Processor : Pentium Class
  • OS : Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Memory : 1GB RAM
  • Hard Disk : 100 MB of Free Space

EaseUS Mac Data Recovery

EaseUS Mac Data Recovery, the best way to recovery lost files. Either you want to recover the data from trash, time machine, or after deletion or formating of drive. This recovery toll will cover all possible feature to make the recovery process very ease for user. It is the best and renowned data recovery software capable of restoring data from lost Mac. Several reason are there where you loose data like accidentally deletion of photo from iPhoto, move the music folder to trash and few other This tool will retrieve deleted video, document, photo, email, audio, and other types of files for and in simple way. The simple interface will help the user to work freely on this recovery software. The best part of this EaseUS Mac Data Recovery is support all version of Mac OS.

Features of EaseUS Mac Data Recovery:

  • Capable of recovering deleted MOV files and other files like images, doc etc.
  • Retrieve all type of files from different type of storage device.
  • 100% Safe & Secure and very easy to use even for new user.
  • Recover .mov and .mp4 files more efficiently.
  • Advance scanning methods make it to scan faster for the lost files.

Software Requirements For Mac

  • Processor : Intel
  • OS : macOS 10.12, 10.11, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6
  • RAM : 1 GB
  • Disk Space : 32MB minimum space.

System Requirements For Windows

  • Processor : Pentium
  • OS : Windows XP and above versions
  • Memory : 1GB RAM
  • Hard Disk : 100 MB of Free Space

Wondershare Photo Recovery

One more software with awesome and professional features is available for MOV file recovery. Wondershare Photo Recovery which is specially designed for photos, videos and audio files recovery from any kind of storage devices. Therefor if you in search for the proper MOV files recovery solution then Wondershare Photo Recovery is the best option for you. Data are really important either it is MOV or JPG or PNG or MP4 they all play important role and if any of one files format get corrupted or deleted from your system you really get frustrated for this unexpected error. Well you will be thankful for knowing that the developer have programmed a software of name Wondershare Photo Recovery which will help you in recovering different kind of data.

No matter due to what reasons you have lost your precious data like photos or Mov files, this very Recovery Software will easily help you to recover your data including video and audio files. This Software is very fast and easy-to-use for those user who is unaware of advance technology. This software designed by experienced developer with keeping one thing in mind that user can easily reach to their data. So, if you are one who are desperately looking for solution toward MOV file recovery then Wondershare Photo Recovery Software might be helpful for you.

Feature Of Wondershare Photo Recovery:

  • No recovery skills required while using it, as it is very simple and fast.
  • Restore all the deleted photos and other data with original file names.
  • Allow to pause, or restart the recovery process or scanning process at anytime.
  • File system NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 or exFAT are supported.
  • Restore photos lost as result of accidental or intentional deletion.
  • Thumbnail Preview allows you to check the quality of each image.

System Requirements For Mac

  • Processor : Intel
  • OS : macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9,10.8,10.7 & 10.6
  • Memory : 1 GB Minimum
  • Hard Disk : 100 MB of Free Space

System Requirements For Windows

  • Processor : Pentium
  • OS : Windows XP and above
  • Memory : 1GB RAM
  • Hard Disk : 100 MB of Free Space


UNDELETE 360, the last on the list but yet powerful recovery software which you really need to take look on the features. It happen sometime when you come to know that some of you file is no more active or present on the drive, because either it is deleted or is been corrupted for while. It regularly happen when user don't use their drive in proper way. Well recovery process was very hard to do for past two year, but not now. The recovery techniques have grown up, so now you will not face any data loss issue. UNDELETE 360 is one of the advance recovery software which help you in recovering the lost data like MOV files. This is absolutely free professional software which helps to recover the deleted or lost data on your storage media, including SD, CF cards, USB flash drives and other storage devices as well.

However, you should go for other softwares recommended in this article. Although, UNDELETE 360 utility provides a quick and easy way for file restore different kind of drive. This recovery software provides a simplified two step process which enable you free MOV file repair. The best part of this software is it is supported to both OS Windows and Mac. It can easily recover all media files in some easy steps.

Features Of UNDELETE 360 :

  • Options for recovery from all kind of hard drives, flash drives memory card, digital cameras and so on.
  • Provide easy recovery option from formated and corrupted storage media.
  • Simple and easy user interface.
  • Enhanced scanning methods used for quick scans.

System Requirements For Windows

  • CPU: 1GHz (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of minimum free space
  • RAM: 256 MB or more (1GB recommended)
  • OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

    • System Requirements For Mac

      • Processor : Intel
      • OS : macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9,10.8,10.7 & 10.6
      • Memory : 1 GB Minimum
      • Hard Disk : 100 MB of Free Space

      Download For Windows
      Download For Mac

      Conclusion :

      Top most tool name is mentioned on this post for MOV file recovery and even also few simple steps is mentioned to recover lost MOV files from recycle folders. So you must be sure that what to do when you encounter such issues on your system. All the software which is mentioned in this post is supported to both Mac and Windows platform, means you will not get any kind of issue while recovering the lost MOV files in Mac system or in Windows system. However if you are still confused while choosing the one useful tool then let's us help you. Generally people goes for the first option from list, you also need to go for the first option which is Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery.

      Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is one of the best recovery tool you find on the Internet. Follow the recovery step to know how MOV file recovery is done through this recovery software.

      How to Use Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery On Windows OS

      Step 1:- Download and install Stellar Photo Recovery Software on Windows. Click to ‘Recover Photo, Audio, & Video’ from main interface.

      Step 2:- Now choose specific drive from where you want to recover photo and videos. Choose the drive for recovery >> Select ‘Scan Now’.

      Step 3:- Select storage media for scanning of photo, video and audio files.

      Step 4:- Here, you can select range of data from storage media which customize the scan process and minimizes timing of scan.

      Step 5:- The progress bar shows scanning and then the scanned data is stored as tree in the left side of the pane.

      Step 6:- Following successful scan you can see files through preview. Finally, Click to ‘Recover’ option for saving files.

      Step 7:- Select desired location for saving multimedia items on Windows and progress bars will shows the process.

      How to Use Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery On Mac OS X

      Step 1:- Download and Install Stellar Photo Recovery Software. Click on ‘Recover Photo Audio & Video’ option in order to start process.

      Step 2:- All volumes and drives of the hard disk are shown below. Select the drive from where you desired to recover data.

      Step 3:- Selecting ‘Advance Scan’ option will automatically enables choosing particular file format or the sector range of storage media for scanning.

      Step 4:- Here you will get preview of items being scanned, items are stored as tree like structure from where you can observe scanned items by preview option.

      Step 5:- Click on ‘Recover’ option to save files.

      Step 6:- Lastly the recovered files are saved to your desired location.


This software program was very helpful for restoring damaged files present that has been lost from my mobile phone.

"Christine Jackson"

Thanks you all for such as great software, it helped me a lot in recovering the damaged photos.

"Angela Mark"



System Requirements

» Pentium Class processor

» Different Versions of Windows & Mac OS

» 128 MB or more of RAM

» 35 MB of free space